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How to choose an aerial photography service provider?

How to choose an aerial photography service provider is very important

How to choose an aerial photography service provider is a very difficult decision, because there are many factors that will affect it.The industry has a variety of application levels and technology combinations, in addition to the commonimage video, advertising videos, promotional videos,construction video, Sales videos, event records, aerial photography records, news records, ceremony records, river cruises, weekly/monthly aerial photography records of construction fortifications, aerial photography of land, and drones (aerial photography machines) can also be used for architectural observation , land surveying,virtual reality, disaster relief, 3D modeling, etc., the main service items can refer toAerial shooting service content

Zhenhe has many years of experience in aerial photography, measurement and 3D modeling, and everything is in accordance with the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration and the regulations of the county and city governments. It can provide no-fly zones, restricted areas and port photography, and has cooperated with foreign manufacturers many times. , like UK Discovery

drone pilotandDrone Service CompanyIt is different. The former usually has limited professional knowledge other than flying drones and taking photos and videos. They usually engage in leisure flying in their spare time, and insurance companies in Taiwan currently do not have drones as natural persons. Insurance
The latter has many pilots and back-end engineers with professional knowledge in various fields, such asempty shot,Orthophoto,3D modeling,volume measurement, also has a RTK , GNSS and other professional equipment, the drones on duty have the insurance amount stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration

why are you looking forZhenheEmpty shot?

Because Zhenhe has many years of experience in the field of aerial photography, it also has the following characteristics:

• The pilot has the professional advanced operation certificate G1, G2, G3 of the Civil Aviation Administration of China
• We have rich experience in applying for restricted areas and can assist you in obtaining aerial image applications
• There have been more than 183 applications for the drone airspace of the Civil Aviation Administration according to the law, and all of them have passed the review
• The company's drone equipment has completed registration and liability insurance
• Passed the review of the Civil Aviation Administration: 2022 ~ 2024 Company Capability Operation Manual
• Can legally apply for operating restriction exclusions:
• Flying at an altitude of 400 feet above the ground or water
• Operation at night or out of sight
• Events over crowds or outdoor rallies and parades
• Work within 30 meters from expressways, expressways (roads), railways, elevated railways, ground or elevated mass rapid transit systems, buildings and obstacles
• Operate on moving aircraft and vehicles
• Extended line-of-sight flight

Zhenhe drone teaching and cooperation experience

• 2022Tsinghua University's New Pioneer in Industry
•2022 Mingdao University Industry New Pioneer
• UK Discovery 
• New Taipei Industrial Park
• Shulin Industrial Area
• Pingtung Tourism Bureau
• Yunlin Tourism Bureau
• Chiayi Tourism Bureau
• Chiayi Business District Cultural Promotion Association
• Luxury camping cicada series
• Good trip to Taiwan
• Jianxing University of Science and Technology
• University of Science and Technology of China
Due to space issues, only a few are listed, and there is no priority or disadvantage

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Appreciation of some aerial auction works

111 years of China Transport UAV shooting screen - how to choose an aerial photography service provider
111 years of China Transport UAV shooting screen

Promotional video of Tamsui Fly Times Agency Sales Center

Video of Taoyuan and Fatian Diamond Excellent Community Competition

more videos pleaseZhenhe Co., Ltd.channel

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