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Aerial Shooting (Unbanning‧Photography‧Teaching‧3D Modeling)|Commercial Photography|Website Setup|Content Marketing|Graphic Design|Virtual Reality|SEO Optimization, Ranking|Integrated Marketing

aerial shooting service

Years of aerial photography service and teaching experience

Zhenhe has applied for permission from the Civil Aviation Administration in places where the airspace is a restricted area or a no-flying area, and it is fully implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations of the aerial camera

website production

Google Pro Speed Optimizer

Zhenhe uses modularization to set up your website. The website charges according to the functions and needs without binding contracts, which is different from the rental websites on the market.

SEO optimization

SEO ranking optimization or consulting services

Zhenhe can check out suitable keywords according to the needs of different companies, and provide SEO optimization and consulting services for search rankings

content marketing

Guide customers back to the official website of the company and improve the ranking

The content marketing service provided by Zhenhe can increase the visibility of the enterprise and develop target customers. The cost is collected after harvest and charged according to the results

service items:

Aerial photography restricted area airspace application permit, aerial photography night application application, civil aviation bureau lifting restrictions, aerial photography teaching, construction project photography, activity records, aerial photography license training, aerial photography regulations explanation, aerial photography 3D modeling, uav Measurement service, engineering survey

Commodity photography, food photography, video production, event recording, travel unpacking, commodity business matching

One-page website, image website, personal website, e-commerce website, SEO keyword optimization

Light exposure + click scheme, medium exposure + click scheme, heavy exposure + click scheme

logo, business card, flyer, fold, catalog, carton design, bag design, digital banner

Service Features:

Zhenhe handles every case entrusted by customers with heart and soul. Whether you need aerial photography, aerial dynamics, graphic design, graphic photography, or website building, we know that you, as an important member of the company, sometimes have It’s already dark after work is over, and you have to wait until the next day’s work time to find someone to entrust or outsource the case. We know that you are very anxious, and hope that someone can respond to you immediately. Zhenhe can find it almost 24 hours a day. us.

if anyAerial Photography, Aerial Dynamics, Graphic Design, Graphic Photography, Building a WebsiteThe demand may be related to the above-mentioned service items, but I am not sure if there is any contract, and you are welcome to consult with Zhenhe. We hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and we also hope to give us the opportunity to serve.

Sometimes it is necessary to integrate multiple skills in order to do one thing well. In addition to constantly discovering self-worth on the road of slash, Zhenhe will also cooperate with other full-time talents to carry out the client's case with all his heart and responsibility.

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About aerial photography

Present the texture of the picture from different aerial perspectives

Whether you want to make image videos, event records, movie scenes, construction site monitoring, promotion of scenic spots, or construction marketing...and so on, aerial shots can be used to control the angle of view and present visual tension. Through aerial images, in addition to discovering the beauty of images from different aerial perspectives, it is also possible to record images more efficiently and safely.

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Case work sharing→

Yilan Samsung | Private Guest House Image Video

Aerial panorama of Yilan B&B overlooking the earth

About Commercial Photography

Product situation photo

From the perspective of marketing that is beneficial to customers, good products for customers can arouse consumers' desire to buy through the situational product photos taken by us

Through the creation of scenes and atmospheres, enhance the eye-catching of products

Commodities plus eye-catching product photography, combined with design marketing copywriting can create popular products

Product catalog design, typesetting and printing of Chengdinghaoeryou Probiotics Brochure

About Graphic/Commercial Design

Graphic/Commercial Design

Don't be put off by a lack of design.

If you need a professional beauty editor design, you can choose [Single Piece Service] or [Monthly Service].

customer feedback

customer feedback 1

Miss Wu

PR firm

We like the picture and rhythm of the event documentary. The entire venue, event theme, guest speeches and performances are fully presented in the video. Watching the video can recall the grand occasion at that time. For cases with event records in the future, we will give priority to vibration. millet.

Customer feedback 3

Mr. Lin

PR firm

The content of the aerial footage shot by Zhenhe is very suitable for the pictures we need, and we can quickly grasp our demands in terms of communication, and we are very happy to cooperate.

Customer feedback 2

Miss Wang


Zhenhe is a caring and responsible manufacturer, and will take the initiative to remind us of the details that may need attention when shooting for our reference, and will also consider our position in due course. Like there was time last time, please take more photos of Zhenhe. Additional pictures are also willing to help.

Zhenhe Co., Ltd.: 83446730

There are no regional restrictions on the cases undertaken by Zhenhe Co., Ltd. The filming cases may require a local meeting depending on the distance (by kilometers) and the cost of traveling and horses will be charged.

Airspace application, removal of restrictions, camera movement, aerial photography teaching, construction project photography, activity recording

Product photography, food photography, video production, event recording,travel unboxing, commodity distribution

One-page website, image website, personal website, e-commerce website, SEO keyword optimization

Light exposure + click scheme, medium exposure + click scheme, heavy exposure + click scheme

logo, business card, flyer, fold, catalog, carton design, bag design, digital banner


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