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10 big selling points of Dji mini 3 pro

A lot of time has clearly been spent rethinking what an ultra-lightweight aerial camera can achieve. The 3 Pro is a portable, capable drone with relatively good imaging, excellent flight capabilities, and a host of smart shooting modes that let you fly with ease while creatingblockbuster. Let’s dive into its main selling point…

It weighs less than 250 grams

The aviation safety regulations of many countries and regions consider aircrafts under 250 grams to be the safest drones. The weight is less than 249 grams. It combines weight, safety and performance to provide a whole new option for content creators, explorers and new pilots who want to fly.

Incredibly powerful for its size

The Mini 3 Pro maintains the sameMini 2andMini SEThe same portability for easy storage and portability. But this drone has more built-in features than any other DJI drone, enhanced flight performance, camera system, battery life and smart features previously only available in the Air and Mavic series.

A Complete Redesign of the Mini Drone

The Mini 3 Pro is a very different drone from the previous Mini series. It adopts a new structural design and brings a number of performance enhancements.
The arms and propellers have been adjusted for more aerodynamic flight, resulting in increased flight time. The new design also installs front and rear dual-view sensors at the very front of the drone, expanding the sensing range and making flying safer. A complete gimbal redesign unlocks more camera angles than ever before, supporting movements such as tilt-up and vertical shots.

The first Mini to integrate APAS and FocusTrack

In the Mini drone lineup, the DJI Mini 3 Pro features three-way obstacle sensing, including forward, backward, and downward vision sensors. Forward and downward sensors have a wider field of view, providing seamless coverage for better route planning and environmental awareness.
The sensors also support Advanced Assisted Flight System (APAS) 4.0, which can automatically detect and find safer paths around obstacles during flight. In addition, these sensors support the entire FocusTrack suite, which allows you to choose a subject that automatically keeps the drone centered in the frame during flight, while automatically planning a safe flight path.

New camera system for professional-quality content

The Mini 3 Pro's enhanced imaging system is powered by a 1/1.3-inch CMOS camera sensor with dual native ISO - a capture technology often associated with film and some miniature single cameras. It also has an f/1.7 aperture and can shoot up to 48MP images (RAW support) and up to 4K/60fps video.
Meanwhile, to help social media content creators up their game, the camera will rotate 90 degrees to create a mode called "True Vertical Shot." This allows photos and videos to be taken in portrait orientation without the need for quality-cutting image scaling and cropping
For the most vivid details, HDR video recording can be done at frame rates up to 30fps. Normal color profiles can be used for quick in-app editing, while D-Cinelike allows for more post-editing possibilities. 4K, 3x 2.7K and 4x Full HD digital video zoom up to 2x.
DJI Mini 3 Pro also boosts image performance, with 2.4μm pixels capturing more image detail, especially useful in low light and at night.

Let's take a look at an example photo:

DJI's first drone to offer extended flight batteries

Even though the Mini 3 Pro weighs less than 249 grams, DJI still managed to extend the flight time. The Mini 3 Pro can fly for up to 34 minutes to capture more landscapes and destinations.
The Mini 3 Pro is paired with a longer flight time and features an O3 transmission system that provides crisp 1080p live view at a distance of 12km.

Smart photo and video capture capabilities

One of the main things that makes the DJI Mini 3 Pro a drone you can buy right now is that it integrates the full suite of smart modes from DJI's higher-end Air and Mavic series. With just one tap, you can do the following:

1. Focus Follow

  • Spotlight 2.0 when you fly manuallyKeep the subject in the frame.
  • Point of Interest 3.0Orbits the object with the set flight radius and speed.
  • ActiveTrack 4.0Follow the topic in two alternative ways:
    • track:The aircraft tracks objects at a fixed distance
    • parallel:The aircraft tracks objects as they fly next to them at a fixed angle and distance

2. One-click video

  • Away:The plane flies backwards and upwards with the camera locked on the subject.
  • spiral:The plane rises and circles the object.
  • soaring:The plane is flying upwards and the camera is pointing down.
  • surround:The plane revolves around the theme.
  • Comet:The plane flies around the object in an elliptical path, rising as it flies away and descending as it returns.
  • Asteroid:The plane creates a shot that starts with a sphere panorama high above the subject and ends with a normal shot hovering near the subject.

3. Master Shots

Keep the subject in the center of the frame while performing different actions in sequence to produce a short cinematic video.

4. Time-lapse photography

Create a dynamic time-lapse in which an aircraft flies on a set path during capture.

Compatible with multiple remotes

While we know many first-time drone users will be keen to buy the Mini 3 Pro, this drone happens to be the perfect upgrade for the maker of the Mavic Mini, Mini SE and Mini 2. That's why DJI decided to satisfy everyone's needs by making the Mini 3 Pro compatible with the new DJI RC as well as the RC-N1 remote control that current Mini users already own.

Why choose Zhenhe:

  • We have creative and rich photography experience: when operating the aerial camera, Zhenhe always has two people to ensure the best picture during the flight, but not neglect the flight safety
  • We are efficient: most of our cases are completed and sent to clients within 48 hours
  • All drones are insured, and all pilots have a certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration

About Zhenhe:

The core values are: integration, integrity, professionalism, innovation, and thinking about problems from the perspective of customers, thinking about the possible reactions of users and audiences, and delivering the most complete solutions after continuous adjustment.

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