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Tainan Huayou Federation CASA Grand View


This time, Zhenhe came to Tainan Huayoulian's CASA to shoot, mainly to shoot the surrounding scenery, with the shooting of day and night scenes, to present the landscape that can be seen after the completion of the project in the future. It is more troublesome to shoot here because It is located in the no-fly area of Tainan Airport, so we need to apply to the Civil Aviation Administration for aerial photography in advance, and we need to keep close contact with the airport tower when we arrive at the scene that day. We can only shoot when there are no civilian or military aircraft, so this time only It takes about 4 hours before and after waiting for the tower to inform you that you can fly

Surround shot

This is about the 16th floor for the shooting of the surrounding scenery. Through synthesis and the use of software in the later stage, it can be made into a virtual reality display. I am more worried about the weather in the aerial shooting. Fortunately, it did not rain that day, so it can be successfully completed the shooting

Huayoulian CASA Features

"Huayoulian CASA" is located in Wannian 7th Street, South District, Tainan City. It was developed and invested by Huayoulian. The base area is 2326 square meters, the construction coverage rate is 30.87%, and the public construction ratio is 35%. The floor plan is 5 buildings with 15 floors above ground and 2 floors underground. There are 298 pure residences, with two-bedroom (24-25 ping), three-bedroom (34-36 ping) and four-bedroom (45-47 ping) planned.

A total of 272 flat parking spaces are planned for parking spaces. The leisure facilities include reception hall, atrium garden, social hall, conference room, reading room, audio-visual room, gym, billiard room, children's game area, yoga classroom, cooking classroom, mailbox area, sunbathing area. Quilt area, cafe, piano room, second social room, home classroom, the structure is made of RC reinforced concrete, the building materials are Rinnai Sanji, Taiya kitchenware, TOTO bathroom, international brand toilet seat, four-in-one heater, Germany Gwenbike water filter, champion tile, Viflak three-in-one electronic door lock, Chongyou elevator, Japanese buffer manual lifting plate, Yili hook.

Surrounding environment, it takes 4 minutes by car to reach the provincial Gong Elementary School and Nanning High School (Central Middle School), about 2 minutes by car to Huayoulian Huanxi Park, and 4 minutes by car to Wanli Constructed Wetland Park. 4 minutes to Quanlian Welfare Center - Tainan Wanli Store and Wanli Market.

In terms of transportation, there are No. 86 expressway and National Highway No. 1 available, making it easy to travel between counties and cities.

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Nearby big sights and related sights

You can see that there are a lot of buildings under construction, and there is a park next to it

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