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5 common drone mistakes (and how to avoid them)

正變得越來越流行,但許多人在使用它們時會犯下代價高昂的錯誤。飛入受限空域並違反Taiwan drone regulations is one of the most common mistakes. However, there are plenty of ways for pilots to get themselves into trouble.

Take a look at these 5 common drone mistakes and the steps you should take to keep your drone out of trouble and avoid making these costly mistakes.

5 common drone mistakes

1. Don't accept uninvited guests in your flight area

While drones are a huge draw for many people, you should never allow people, animals, etc. to enter your area of control. The safety of your team, customers and the public should betop priority.ZhenheControlled areas are cordoned off as circumstances warrant to prevent public interference with our mission.

2. Do not fly too close to people or animals

Drones should not be flown too close to people or animals. catchwild animalsThe picture seems like an appealing idea, but it's not. The propeller can cause serious injury if it hits wildlife or people. Drones can be attacked by territorial animals that can damage the drone and injure themselves.

drones oftenaffected by birdsattack as they are in birdsnest,huntingorprotect territoryarea flight. Using a zoom lens to capture amazing wildlife from a distance can be a better option for aerial photography.

3. Always keep the drone in sight

This is one of the most common mistakes drone users make when flying their drones.according to CAA Provisions, which is also a big no-no, "You must operate your aircraft within line of sight. If flying with a first-person perspective, you must have a competent observer next to you who is flying within line of sight of the aircraft.

CheckCivil Aviation Administration website, in-depth understanding of all regulations.

The best way to avoid losing your drone or flying into restricted airspace is to keep it within sight at all times. Keeping it within sight will also come in handy if something goes wrong and you need to quickly drop the drone to retrieve it.

Zhenhe The drone pilot is always accompanied by an observer. Our observers are constantly concerned about the safety of drones, crews and the public.

4. Do not fly drones near airports or other restricted airspace

Do not fly drones near airports or other restricted airspace. This is one of the most important safety rules to follow, if it is violated,CAA It will check whether you have applied for permission to use the the airportor othersrestricted airspaceBefore flying anywhere near you, you must get permission from air traffic control.

5. Always have an extra battery on hand

It's one of those items you should never forget to take with you when you fly. If your drone has only one battery, it may only fly at a time20-30 minutes.

If your drone runs out of power in the middle of a job, you'll need a backup battery to keep your flight uninterrupted. Purchase a portable battery charger to charge your battery throughout the day.

Use these tips to make drone use easy

There are some basic steps you can take to avoid costly mistakes when flying a drone. First, stay within sight at all times and do not fly into restricted airspace or violate CAA Regulation. Consider investing in extra batteries, as it's common for clients to want to be shooting all day.

Lastly, if you have a problem with your drone, be sure to contact the manufacturer right away so they can help fix any issues before things get worse!

If this sounds too difficult or too expensive for you right now, but still need professional guidance on how best to use drones as part of your business strategy, let us know - we'd be happy to provide expert's hereget in touch.

Why choose Zhenhe:

  • We have creative and rich photography experience: when operating the aerial camera, Zhenhe always has two people to ensure the best picture during the flight, but not neglect the flight safety
  • We are efficient: most of our cases are completed and sent to clients within 48 hours
  • All drones are insured, and all pilots have a certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration

About Zhenhe:

The core values are: integration, integrity, professionalism, innovation, and thinking about problems from the perspective of customers, thinking about the possible reactions of users and audiences, and delivering the most complete solutions after continuous adjustment.

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