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2022 pre-sale houses|New existing houses|Newly-built projects in Banqiao District, New Taipei|Melo Yichuan|Legal aerial auction|360 panoramic view|Night auction lifted

The 360-degree panorama photoMelco Yichuan, located in Section 4, Huanhe West Road, BanqiaoMelco, Opening the window is the permanent building distance of Hebin Park. It takes about 5 minutes to drive to Taipei City across a bridge. It is convenient to commute to and from get off work in Taipei City. It is close to the Shuangshi Road business district and has convenient living functions. Because this aerial 360-degree panoramic photo has a night scene, it has also applied to the Civil Aviation Administration to exclude restrictions on shooting. Since the Civil Aviation Law, the new drone management system was formalized on March 31, 2020. After going on the road, the new law stipulates that it is "totally prohibited" for ordinary natural persons to operate aerial cameras to take pictures after sunset. Only legal persons can apply for filming after obtaining an operating certificate. No-flying areas, restricted areas, air stations or flying fields are within a certain distance Domestically, it is forbidden to engage in drone flying activities. Violators will have their operating certificates revoked by the Civil Aviation Administration, and a fine of more than NT$300,000 and less than NT$1.5 million will be imposed, and the remote-controlled drone will not be confiscated.

Surround shot

▌ Banqiao Melco Yichuan related information

220 Exit Tiandan North Street, Lane 201, Huaide Street, Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Banqiao Melco Yichuanfeatures

"Melco"lie inSection 4, West Huanhe Road, Lane 201, Huaide Street, Banqiao District, invested and constructed by Melco Construction Co., Ltd., built by Huaxiong Construction Co., Ltd., architectural design by Jin Yirong/Lin Hongyi/Zhu Hongnan Architects, base The area is 837.66 ping, the building-to-cover ratio is 23.51%, and the public-construction ratio is 34%. The floor plan is a building with 26 floors above ground and 4 floors underground. There are 137 pure residential households. Room (50, 57 ping).

A total of 138 flat parking spaces are planned for the parking spaces. Leisure facilities include a reception hall, atrium garden, sky garden, social hall, reading room, gym, children's play area, cooking classroom, mailbox area, quilt area, and Lounge Bar. The structure adopts SRC Steel reinforced concrete.

Surrounding environment, Wensheng Elementary School in the school district can be reached in 2 minutes by car, Jiangcui Elementary School is about 8 minutes by car, Huaishi Park is 2 minutes’ walk away, Music Park is about 3 minutes’ walk away, living shopping is 3 minutes’ drive away Quanlian Welfare Center - Banqiao Wensheng Store, about 7 minutes' drive from Huajiang Market.

In terms of transportation, Jiangzicui MRT Station is a 5-minute drive away, and National Highway No. 1, National Highway No. 3 and 64 expressway are also available.

5 minutes from the newest Banqiao waterfront in Beishi, taste a happy life

Working in Shuangbei, living in Banqiao, enjoying the prosperity of Xinban, embracing nature and heart to the waterfront.
Next to the Music Park on Shuangshi Road and Datong Street, turn a corner with thick shade of trees to let happiness settle down.

World-class Seiko, Quality Builder

Melco Corporation treats the land with heart and deeply understands the needs of living,
Team up with an international team to lead the industry and create value,
And improve community services in the future to fulfill every wish of starting a family.

Leading by landmarks, the 26th floor volleys 100 meters in the air with four major orientations and 360° household orientation

Cities should not be in uniform! The first row of the waterfront freely blends in with the scenery, Banqiao's 100-meter landmark, and the wind and clouds hold their heads high.
The vertical flow echoes the horizontal extension of the river bank, adding to the skyline of Taipei's famous houses.

Banqiao Melco YichuanPeripheral supporting

School District:Wensheng Elementary School, Jiangcui Elementary School

Supermarket/store:Quanlian Welfare Center

Traditional market:Jiangcui Market

public works:Kaiseki Park, Music Park

Government agencies:Banqiao City Government

With link photo or video can refer toOnline House Appreciation Case Sharing

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