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cityZimanzang is located next to the Shuiyuan Expressway, and the aerial photography is restricted to the yellow zone, so it is necessary to apply for exclusion restrictions if it is more than 200 feet (60 meters), and because it is very close to the expressway, it is necessary to apply for exclusion restrictions. Within 30 meters of obstacles, this shooting is mainly in front of the gate of Zimanzang Building A and Zimanzang Building B, as well as the 360-degree panoramic photos between the two buildings of Zimanzang AB, which can be used to make indoor renderings and outdoor aerial shots screen, to achieve the effect of online house viewing and virtual tour
There is no need to shoot night scenes for this shoot, so only 360-degree panoramic photos are taken during the day

Surround shot

▌ Information about Wenshan Ziman Tibetan

No. 287, Section 4, Tingzhou Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

▌ Features of Ziman Tibetan in Wenshan

"Ziman Zang" is located next to No. 47-12, Wanlong Street, Wenshan District, Taipei City. It is invested and constructed by Yuanli Construction Co., Ltd. and Juyue Construction Co., Ltd., built by Nissho Japan Land Development Co., Ltd., and Peng Jixian Architects Architectural design, with a base area of 860 pings, a public-to-construction ratio of 31.9%, and a built-to-cover ratio of 34.6%.

The floor plan is 2 buildings with 22 floors above ground and 4 floors underground, with a total of 161 households and 4 storefronts. A total of 171 planar parking spaces are planned, the structure adopts SRC steel reinforced concrete, and the building materials include Rinnai kitchen utensils, TOTO sanitary ware, and Hansgrohe hardware.

Xindian Creek X Riverside Park area is rare

  • The first row of Xindian Creek, with unlimited views and healing river views, rare planning in Wenshan District.
  • The Riverside Park is within easy reach, whether you are walking the dog after dinner, or jogging and cycling, you can enjoy a comfortable life easily.

Bandung MRT Station X National Taiwan University Residence Double Commercial District 

  • It takes about 4 minutes to walk to the Bandung MRT Station, and the Shuiyuan Expressway and Jianguo Elevated Road have convenient transportation.
  • It is close to the bustling mansion and the business district of National Taiwan University. It takes about 7 minutes to walk to Quanlian Welfare Center (Wenshan Roosevelt Store), and it takes about 4 minutes to drive to Jingmei Market. It is very convenient for daily shopping.

Yuanli Construction's 40-year masterpiece

  • Earthquake-resistant green building double certification mark, SRC steel frame structure, good fire and sound insulation effect.
  • Good sound insulation and shock resistance: the use of 22.5 cm hollow floor, the sound insulation effect is better than the general 15 cm floor.
  • The layout plan is between the households and the side, with double-sided lighting, 60 square meters of double master bedroom design, good ventilation and good lighting.

▌ Wenshan Ziman Tibetan Peripheral supporting facilities

School District:Wanfu Elementary School, Minzu Elementary School, Jingxing Elementary School


Traditional market:Bandung Morning Market, Jingmei Market

public works:Farmers' Association, Household Registration Office

Popular business circles:Jingmei Night Market

Medical institutions:Jingmei Hospital

With link photo or video can refer toOnline House Appreciation Case Sharing

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