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The benefits of online real estate tours

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more works that Zhen Hekong has made in person in the past have become virtual or online versions, such as real estate tours and virtual tours, to encourage social distancing and slow down spread of the virus. Online virtual real estate sales have become a necessity during the pandemic. 

Marketing companies with digital visualization teams helping real estate companies or practitioners develop digital solutions to meet their needsMarketing needs, including virtual tour tools to improve your online presence and close sales. Providing online real estate tours is one way to communicate with clients today. With the assistance of Zhenhe Air Photography, you can successfully organize online virtual tours and tours. 

Photo carousels, panoramas and aerial real estate displays

Photo galleries provide the most basic virtual tour. Make your products visible to potential buyers. Use these tips to make your best photo collection: 

  • Hire a professional photographer to capture the best images. They know how to get the most eye-catching pictures and can show properties in the most beautiful light. 
  • use360 degree panoramaHelp clients visualize the entire scene. The panorama can show the complete appearance of the building and the inside of the real estate, which is relatively lacking in the online tour. The more customers see, the fewer questions they ask—the more confident they are in their choices. 
  • usevirtual showcaseSave budget and money. Virtual demonstrations allow you to walk through the software. Visualization teams can use software to add furniture and accessories to a room, use color themes and layer with the right styles and textures. 

video tour

Video tours are similar to photo galleries, but include pre-recorded construction videos. When creating a movie, keep in mind: 

  • Write a script so you remember everything you want to promote. Practice a few times to make your speech feel comfortable and natural. 
  • Plan your path and determine camera positions throughout the house to make sure you highlight everything you want to showcase. Do a walkthrough before you shoot. 
  • Reply to video reviews to answer additional questions about the subject matter and engage with your potential buyers. 


This is a live tour of the property where you can interact with potential buyers and take them on a tour inside and out. You can offer tours with private itineraries to watch together for a group of interested buyers. To improve your chances of success with your live broadcast, be sure to: 

  • Announce times and dates in advance, and encourage people to book early so you know how many people to expect. 
  • Prepare a script that covers all relevant information about the subject matter and highlights all your selling points. 
  • Work with photographers who bring a more professional feel to your video. Holding your phone on your own during a live broadcast looks amateurish and can affect a beautiful impression of the construction or real estate. 

3D video animation

The next best option for visiting a property is to watch a 3D film animation of the location that highlights the interior and exterior. Working with a professional agency, you can get virtual animations or aerial footage that offer great selling points. The inside of the property can be shown even if the project is not yet complete, while the empty shot will show the outside of the project. 

Animation can be an effective marketing tool, helping builders and real estate agents sell many of their properties before construction begins. Creating memorable animations or aerial shots includes the following: 

  • Think ahead to your music or narration. 
  • Think of the film as an opportunity to tell a story and think about what you want to convey before your first meeting with the team. 
  • Visualize the footage you want to make for your movie and discuss with your team how to bring it to life. 

Learn more about virtual sales

Virtual real estate sales online is useful during this pandemic, but it also provides great tools that will be part of your marketing approach for years to come. 

If you need help with your project's virtual stage or 3D movie animation, Zhenhe Kongpai can help.Contact us now, discuss your real estate virtual sales plans!

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