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Basic concept of remote control drone

Remote control drone body

Watch the real machine as the main component introduction

How to buy a drone

here withDJIintroduction of drones

Flight Controllers and Software

Operation panel

joystick control

Each lever and function explained
Take the American hand as an example: the left-hand joystick is responsible for the operation of the vertical axis, operating the UAV to turn its head up and down and left and right, while the right-hand joystick is responsible for the operation of the horizontal plane, and the parallel movement of the UAV, front and rear, left and right.
The upper left corner of the left hand fn is a custom button, you can set different actions, the scroll wheel behind the left hand is responsible for the pitch of the gimbal, fn plus the scroll wheel can realize zoom in/out
The button on the upper right corner of the right hand is used to switch between taking pictures and videos, and the scroll wheel on the back of the right hand is responsible for starting/ending taking pictures and videos

Settings and various functions

In-flight process

Practical example

Single joystick operation

risewith drop

fly right

Drone Regulations

Relevant specifications and certification standards

Here you can inquire about drone-related licenses and their scope of application, including various license issuance and license replacement specifications


Download and query the latest subject content, or useMock questions provided by the Free Fire Communication Squadron of Tainan City Government Fire Departmentpractice


Click the link above to download the surgery specification. When reading, please note that there are different topics depending on the configuration, or there are alsoVideos provided by the Civil Aviation Administration for reference

latest news

Here you can check the latest regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration for remote control drones andTower stationedRelated commands


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