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Zhenhe aerial photography service content

Due to the relationship between the epidemic, there are many construction projects or factories that use online viewing websites. Through aerial photography and horizontal photography combined with professional website technology, our customers, even in extraordinary times such as the epidemic, can be In the case of being unable to come to the scene, you can still pass throughvirtual reality720, have further knowledge and trust in our project or factory.

Reminder: You can zoom in and browse the picture in the lower right corner, hold down the left mouse button and drag the picture left and right to browse the surrounding image, the white link can see the day and night view and floor view

720 Virtual Reality Applications

Campus/factory virtual tour

Assist enterprises to shoot and set up virtual reality tour websites for factories, parks, offices, factories, etc., provide visiting guests or foreign customers to browse, save time and protect both parties during the epidemic

online immersive tour

Promote foreign tourists to travel in China, attract foreign customers through the immersion tour of 720 panoramic images, in addition to increasing Taiwan's competitiveness in the international and Internet, and further promote diversified tourism programs and understand local culture

real estate marketing

720 Ring View Photo Works

The 720-round view photos can let customers know the relevant geographical locations in the vicinity, and can be combined with the 720-round view photos on the ground, so that customers can immediately understand the related landforms and buildings nearby

Virtual reality tour

At present, the epidemic situation is severe. Using the 720 ring view online tour guide can enable customers to see the current situation of the scene without going to the scene. It can also be combined with video or plane detail photos. Foreign countries use this technology to visit factories or The real estate industry has a long history

720 surround view photos add text

Marketing or agency sales companies do not need to hire a designer to process the photos they get. Zhenhe can let you concentrate on sales without worrying about the relevant documents for promotion.

photo post-processing

Although the camera or aerial camera photos have very realistic scenery, they usually have some color deficiencies. Through professional software, some irrelevant parts of the photos, noise when taking pictures, or more attractive photos can be made. people

Original picture of Taichung Sugar Factory aerial shotTaichung Sugar Factory aerial photography after color matching
Aerial photo of Asian UniversityAsian University aerial shot after color correction

City aerial shot

Zhenhe has the legal person capacity review of the Civil Aviation Administration, and can shoot in no-flight areas, restricted areas, and at night or over crowds.

Aerial photography of the city scene allows you to see the surrounding environment of the building or the object from different angles. It is often necessary to lift restrictions on construction projects and advertising photography, so that you can have a bird’s-eye view of the city from a sufficient height. This requires a legal person and a professional operation certificate to carry out Filming legally.

Original picture of Wanhuakang home aerial shotWanhua sky shot big scene after color correction
Yang Mei built the case empty shot front

site record

During the construction process, aerial photography and time-lapse photography are used to record the construction process, and a record of the project results is provided to the organizer.

photo 1454357000070 7ce0a6beb0a1?ixlib=rb 1.2

Building exterior wall monitoring

At present, for the detection of damage and peeling of external wall tiles, in practice, by hanging or erecting scaffolding, the surface of the tiles is manually tapped to cooperate with visual inspection. The use of drones can reduce industrial safety and save time.

photo 1497435334941 8c899ee9e8e9?ixlib=rb 1.2

Land/Base Surveying

Mapping by drone enables land surveyors to do more in less time. Measurements that would normally take weeks can be done in days and at a lower cost using drones


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