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Wang Pin 30 Family Day Aerial Shoot|Fullon Hotel Taichung Lihpao Land

Today I want to share a great case, it isPhotographed by Feihong International Integrated Marketing Committee, held by Wangpin Taichung LihpaoAccording to short-selling records, Wang Pin Group is one of the most well-known catering groups in Taiwan.Wangpin GroupRegular family day activities are held to allow colleagues and families to enjoy food and joy together. let's useThe wonderful pictures of the whole event were taken, showing the humanistic care and corporate culture of Wangpin Group.

Wangpin GroupWestern-style steak, Japanese-style creative cuisine, original roasted meat, Hokkaido kombu pot, kaiseki creative cuisine, French Teppanyaki, Japanese-style pork cutlet curry, stone pot and shabu-shabu, Chinese cuisine...and other catering services. Its brands include Wangpin,Xidi,,,,,,,. , Wu Yu, Que Yue, Xi Chuan Ba Niu, Jin Feng Lai Yi, Amino AMIGO, Lek Pot, Ying Kee Eighteen Satay King, WangSteak PL, etc. In December 2022, the high-end Teppanyaki brand "Sakamae Wagyu Teppanyaki" will be launched.


Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
The sub-brand flags of Wangpin Group

Wang Pin Family Day is a fun event that brings the family together to enjoy food and entertainment. Zhenhe had the honor to take photos for Wang Pin's family day, capturing the beautiful moments and atmosphere of the event. Our aerial recordings allow event attendees to look back on the highlights of the day, as well as give future attendees a preview of the action.

We sent professional photographers and drone pilots on the day of the event, using the most advanced photography equipment and technology, to capture many unforgettable images. From the meticulous arrangement of the event to the live performances and food, we have captured all the details as much as possible to present the most perfect picture and perspective.

In the Wangpin Family Day event, we provided customers with the highest quality aerial photography service, so that they can leave the best memories. If you are planning similar events or other occasions, we are happy to provide you with professional aerial photography services to make your event more memorable and give your brand more exposure and attention. welcomecontact us

Advantages of aerial photography service

Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
Aerial shot of the overall event

The advantages of aerial photography services are manifold. First of all, through aerial photography technology, you can overlook the scene from the air, and then provide a new perspective and angle. This unique view allows for a more complete picture of the event, improving productivity or creating more engaging visuals.

Second, the aerial photography service can save a lot of time and manpower. In the past, it was necessary to manually climb tall buildings or other dangerous terrains for shooting, which is not only time-consuming, but also poses certain safety hazards. But now, with aerial photography technology, these tasks can be easily completed to achieve better shooting results, and at the same time, it is safer.

In general, the advantages of aerial photography services are very obvious. Not only can it provide a new perspective and angle, saving a lot of time and manpower, it can also achieve precise shooting and positioning, better meet the needs of customers, and bring higher benefits and benefits. Therefore, for occasions where shooting is required, it is undoubtedly a very wise choice to choose the aerial photography service.

Value and Benefits for Customers

Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
parking lot full of cars

Aerial photography services are gaining popularity in today's business environment as it can provide immediate value to businesses. First of all, aerial photography services can help companies gain an advantage in marketing. The aerial photography service was used in the Wangpin Family Day event to capture amazing aerial images. These videos and photos can be used to promote the event and attract more people to similar events, thereby increasing brand awareness and influence

How to choose an excellent aerial photography service provider

Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
Before the afternoon activity

Choosing an excellent aerial photography service provider can give you a better service experience and higher quality aerial photography works. Here are some suggestions for choosing a good aerial photography service provider.

First, make sure that the supplier has rich aerial photography experience and technology. You can check out the portfolio and client reviews on their website, or ask the supplier directly about their aerial photography experience and technical capabilities.

Second, make sure that the aerial photography manufacturer has the necessary licenses and insurance. For example, having a relevant certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, as well as proper insurance can protect you and the supplier from possible risks during the aerial photography process.

In addition, the supplier's equipment is also very important. Make sure that the equipment used by the supplier is of high quality, capable of supporting high-resolution and high-quality images and videos.

Finally, learn about a provider's range of services and prices to make sure their services fit your needs and budget. When choosing a supplier, don't just consider the price, but comprehensively consider multiple aspects such as service quality, experience, technology and evaluation.

Choosing an excellent aerial photography service provider is the key to ensure you obtain high-quality, safe and professional aerial photography works. If you need aerial photography services, it is recommended that you carefully evaluate the supplier's experience, technology, license and insurance, etc., and then make the best choice according to your needs and budget.

Understand the professional background of the supplier

Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
Wang Pin 30 typesetting

To choose an excellent aerial photography service provider, it is very important to understand its professional background. First of all, you need to confirm whether the supplier has rich experience in aerial photography services, especially whether it has rich experience in the field you need. You need to confirm whether the supplier holds the necessary licenses and qualifications, such as the drone license of the Civil Aviation Administration, and relevant qualifications such as flight insurance. Furthermore, you can also inquire about the supplier's past works or cases to confirm its shooting quality and creative level. In addition, you can also check the supplier's website or social media to understand its company culture, values and customer feedback. In conclusion, knowing the professional background of the provider is one of the key factors in choosing a good aerial photography service provider.

Check out the vendor's past work

If you're looking for a good aerial photography service provider, it's important to check out their past work. By looking at a vendor's past work, you can learn about their style, technique, and creativity, all of which are important factors in evaluating whether a vendor fits your needs.

When looking at a vendor's past work, there are some key factors to consider. First, you need to determine whether they have relevant shooting experience, such as whether they have shot similar scenes or products before. Second, you need to consider whether their style matches your brand image and values. Finally, you need to confirm whether their technical level is high enough to provide high-quality shooting and post-production services.

There are several ways you can view a supplier's past work. One way to do this is to check out their websites or social media accounts, which often feature their latest work and cases. In addition, you can also ask them if they have similar cases for reference, so that you can better understand their actual shooting experience and ability.

When selecting a vendor, reviewing their past work can give you a better idea of their professional competence and style. This allows for a better assessment of their suitability for your needs and thus selection of the most suitable provider.

Understand the supplier's service content

When you're picking an aerial photography service provider, it's important to understand what they offer. A good supplier should have a wealth of service items and be able to provide comprehensive services from shooting, post-production to delivery. In our company, we provide a variety of aerial photography services, including aerial photography, ground photography, panoramic photography, etc. Our services also include professional post-production, so that customers can get a high-quality finished product. In addition, we also provide a variety of different product options, allowing customers to choose the most suitable solution according to their needs. Our service content is very rich and can meet the different needs of customers. If you're looking for a full-service aerial photography provider, we're definitely an option worth considering.


Wang Pin's 30 Family Day Aerial Shooting Activity Record Video Photos
Hot air balloon photo

In this task of making empty auction records for Wangpin Family Day, we deeply realized the importance of our company's commitment and belief. First of all, we insist on providing high-quality service and take customer satisfaction as the primary goal of our work. In this mission, we went all out and tried our best to present the best picture for Wangpin Family Day. Secondly, we always treat every customer with a customer-oriented attitude. We firmly believe that only by truly listening to the needs of customers can we provide the most suitable services. Finally, we have always adhered to a professional attitude and constantly improved technology to ensure that the services we provide are always in the leading position in the industry. In the future, we will continue to uphold these beliefs, provide customers with the best quality service, make our aerial photography service more widely known, and become a leader in the industry. We believe that as long as we persist in these beliefs, we will be able to achieve more success. If you are also looking for professional aerial photography manufacturers welcomecontact us

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