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Web design service content, website design company Zhenhe

Web Design Services|Making Websites from a Marketing Perspective

It is an important part of the enterprise now. The website is the most important appearance of the enterprise, and it is also the first impression of customers. A good image website can help the performance continue to increase and the orders will continue to flow. Zhenhe specially customizes the style and functional structure of the enterprise RWD The web page has both a beautiful appearance and a good SEO friendly

Web design service content, website design company Zhenhe
web design services,Company Zhenhe

Features of Zhenhe web design

Designing and building a website is a lot of homework, no more worrying about it. Please feel free to entrust Zhenhe with precise guidance and communication through one-on-one consultants to help you create a comprehensive website. Our main web design services include:

Simple and easy-to-use background

Simple and easy-to-understand background interface, people with experience in background use can get started immediately, even those who don’t use computers often, just need to explain a few steps to use it easily

Personalized website layout

The appearance style of each unit can be switched freely according to the needs, so that the module website can also be made unique. Image type, column type, waterfall flow, provide different arrangement and combination, so that your website unit can be switched to the most suitable display mode for industry needs

social media link

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Line... We provide a variety of icons corresponding to social media for customers to freely choose to put on the website, which is convenient for visitors to visit.

optimization system

Each web page title, google meta, description, picture name, and content have a field for you to enter SEO optimization in the background, and the description of the web page can be set by yourself. SEO ranking optimization allows an endless stream of customers

Multilingual architecture and SEO

If the website has different national language needs, we also provide multilingual extended production services, so that you can make the best website within the budget, and also provide multilingual SEO, so that your business can be recognized abroad people saw

Google Analytics Settings

Google Analytics (GA) allows you to conduct detailed data analysis on customer behavior in your store and store traffic, for example: view which channels (sources) store users enter from, and view each tab , category, and product page views

Home Popup

You can set the pop-up window message after entering the homepage by yourself, whether it is a special offer or an event or even an e-newsletter, you can easily complete it

Regular website backup

We provide daily website system backups for free, and can be restored immediately in case of errors

Website Speed Optimization

Google has officially stated on the official website"Site Speed Affects SEO Ranking", and put forward the latest important key to SEO website speed on 2020/5/28 - Page Experience (page experience). rate), potentially losing a large number of potential customers

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