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Graphic/Commercial Design

Make your brand more visible

Graphic / Commercial Design

Design service process

gather information

When the information provided by the client is a concept or feeling, such as words such as "wenqingfeng, empty inspiration, metaverse...", according to these concepts, first search a large number of pictures to discuss the design direction with the client

first draft of proposal

After having the design direction, start to design and match the appearance and color of images and texts, provide proposals with different creative points, and let customers choose a design from them as the basis for subsequent detailed revisions

detail correction

In the detail revision link, according to the revision suggestions made by the customer, such as color matching, line thickness, location distance of the configuration, or the customer wants to reduce or increase some elements to make fine-tuning corrections

Finished delivery

Provide the finalized original file and picture format (PNG, JPG) file, payment method and file delivery method can refer to the terms of service

Playing Latin American cis design graphic commercial design

Brand Logo Design Proposal

Regardless of the scale of brand management, individuals, companies or products can customize exclusive identification images to facilitate the accumulation of brand memory and brand value in subsequent marketing operations. A distinctive logo design, in addition to being unique, is more conducive to distinction in business registration. For detailed cooperation process, please refer toTerms of Service

Design case application proposal

Taitung red quinoa healthy drink schematic composition graphic design typography
Gifford trademark logo design ideas gift box packaging design typography printing
Play Pat Latin Design Application Gift Logo Business Card Clothes Mug Design Printing Typography

Business Card Design

Flyer Design

flyer. folding. manual

Package Design

Paper color box design, aluminum foil bag outer sticker design, paper envelope design excluding industrial design

Other designs

Graphic design application on fabric, canvas, mug


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