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Zhenhe aerial photography image service online house appreciation case sharing

Enjoy the outdoor view of the house online

It is used to highlight the geographical relationship between the area and the project, and it can also be used for graphic promotion, marking famous landmarks, main roads and future urban planning and construction

outdoor panorama

Outdoor Panorama -Landmark Edition-

Construction day and night scene conversion

Online viewing of the house combined with the view from the windows on each floor

Outdoor interactive tour


Indoor interactive tour

During the epidemic period, many people were reluctant to visit the site, so many real estate, construction projects, agency sales, factories, scenic spots, museums, etc. began to use online tour technology. In addition to providing static photo tours, Zhenhe It can also provide a guided tour of 360 panoramic videos, and the advantage of online tour is that there is no time limit, and consumers can watch it whenever they want to see the house.

Comparison before and after construction

In addition to the interior decoration, the before and after comparison can be done, and the before and after comparison of the exterior construction can also be done.

Online viewing of the living room beforeOnline appreciation of the living room after
bedroom beforebedroom after