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About Zhenhe

Only by knowing Zhenhe can you entrust the case to us with more peace of mind



Think from the customer's point of view and consider the possible reactions of users and audiences. After continuous adjustment, we will deliver the most complete solution.


Continue to find and utilize new knowledge and new technologies, and stimulate new combination methods to create higher added value for customers


Based on the principle of integrity, Zhenhe is proud of high-quality delivery, provides customers with high-quality products and services, and helps customers grasp the trend


Use professional experience to meet customer needs and undiscovered needs, create win-win and solve customer pain points


"Innovation" is the driving force of our progress, and in response to the rapidly changing environment, the key to the success of enterprise survival and sustainable operation


Thank you for your trust and entrustment, so that Zhenhe can accomplish every extraordinary task

Xinyi Housing
Yilan Homestay Association
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Culture
Aboriginal Society
Yuanli Town Office
Douliu Town Office
Wugu Industrial Zone
Ruizhan Environmental Engineering
Catholic Huaguang Social Welfare Foundation
Le Amusement Dew
Timmy Travel Agency
Zhenhe Co., Ltd.: 83446730

There are no regional restrictions on the cases undertaken by Zhenhe Co., Ltd. The filming cases may require a local meeting depending on the distance (by kilometers) and the cost of traveling and horses will be charged.


Commodity photography, food photography, video production, event recording, travel unpacking, commodity business matching

One-page website, image website, personal website, e-commerce website, SEO keyword optimization

logo, business card, flyer, fold, catalog, carton design, bag design, digital banner

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