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Only by understanding Zhenhe can you entrust us to execute with more peace of mind

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Think from the customer's point of view and consider the possible reactions of users and audiences. After continuous adjustment, we will deliver the most complete solution.


Continue to find and utilize new knowledge and new technologies, and stimulate new combination methods to create higher added value for customers


Based on the principle of integrity, Zhenhe is proud of high-quality delivery, provides customers with high-quality products and services, and helps customers grasp the trend


Use professional experience to meet customer needs and undiscovered needs, create win-win and solve customer pain points


"Innovation" is the driving force of our progress, and in response to the rapidly changing environment, the key to the success of enterprise survival and sustainable operation

Zhenhe aerial photography service content

✔The flight altitude is more than 400 feet above the ground or water (Article 99, Item 1, Subparagraph 1, Article 99 of the Civil Aviation Law) ✔Operating at night or outside the visual range (Article 99, Item 1, Subparagraph 6 and Subparagraph 1 of Article 99 of the Civil Aviation Law Paragraph 7) ✔ Crowd gathering or outdoor gatherings and parades (Article 99, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 5, Article 99 of the Civil Aviation Law) ✔ Other operational restrictions (Article 99, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 4 of the Civil Aviation Law) ⓥ Distance from expressways, Operate within 30 meters of express highways (roads), railways, elevated railways, ground or elevated mass rapid transit systems, buildings and obstaclesⓥOperate on moving aircraft, vehicles or shipsⓥExtended line-of-sight flight

The drone pilots of Zhenhe Co., Ltd. have professional operating licenses for drones, and the drones are fully insured according to law.Rich experience in applying for aerial photography permits, has cooperated with foreign TV stations and can communicate in English.


Thank you for your trust and entrustment, so that Zhenhe can accomplish every extraordinary task

Xinyi Housing
Yilan Homestay Association
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Culture
Aboriginal Society
Yuanli Town Office
Douliu Town Office
Wugu Industrial Zone
Ruizhan Environmental Engineering
Catholic Huaguang Social Welfare Foundation
Le Amusement Dew
Timmy Travel Agency
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Commercial photography service content

Commercial Photography

The internal environment of the company is shot, the product is removed from the back, and the product situation is shot

food photography

Food Situation Shooting


Including event records, image video shooting, scenic spot promotion shooting, building community introduction video, store introduction video

video clip

Use FinalCutPro to edit, and can be used to add text cards, subtitles, vocals, music video clips, and screen animations

Graphic design service content

Logo, business card, flyer, leaflet, catalog, carton design, bag design, digital Banner...

Zhenhe's graphic designers have been engaged in design for more than ten years. They can help you solve the problems of publicity design. We provide [single pricing service] and [monthly pricing service]. If you are still troubled by art design,welcome to inquire

website building service

One-page website, image website, personal website, corporate website, shopping website

The website is like the image in the digital world, no matter it is the first impression of individuals, enterprises, groups, or merchants in the Internet world, as the saying goes, "People need clothes, Buddha needs gold clothes." : Professional, convenient, service nature, field expertise... Helps to convey services or ideas to users who browse the website, build a good website, and let more people know in the digital world that is far away and has no time difference . family hasMerchants with their own websiteoften inSubjective reliability of first impressionsoutperforms a merchant without its own website, ifService provider with own websiteCompared to service providers without their own websitesMore scale and professionalism in appearance.

one page website

If you need a large amount of exposure in a short period of time, you can create a one-page website for advertising. For example, a limited-time event, a shopping guide, or a small-scale service provider is very suitable for a one-page website.

image site

With the thinking of long-term brand operation, whether it is a personal brand, commodity brand, corporate brand, or technical service brand, you can consider creating an image website.

personal website

Those who want to promote personal style, interests, preferences, and use it as a business card in the Internet world.

Corporate website

In addition to promoting the company's philosophy, service items, and corporate information, there may be additional corporate service needs, such as websites that can query product specifications and models, download technical documents, and other customized functions.

shopping site

I want to build an e-commerce website platform for selling goods, combining member login system, shopping cart system, cash flow, and logistics connection system.

SEO keyword ranking optimization service

SEO company website ranking optimization, keyword optimization, seo consulting services, website content optimization services, website speed improvement

When you already have your own website and want to let Google search give priority to recommending your website to increase exposure, in addition to purchasing keyword ads, you can also chooseOptimizing Website SEOservices. The full name of SEO in Chinese is search engine optimization (English: search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO). More exposure, although SEO optimization does not achieve results in a day or two, but once the website quality is improved, the traffic brought by search engines is amazing, and there is no need to spend natural traffic on advertising.

I don't know if you have found that when we search for keywords, why some websites can be displayed first to get more exposure, but some websites cannot enter the top few searches? According to statistics, users usually click directly on the content displayed on the first page of search results, so,Optimize SEO keyword rankingIt can increase the exposure of the website, thereby promoting more order opportunities and promotion.

Zhenhe Co., Ltd.: 83446730

In addition to Hsinchu aerial photography services, aerial photography sessions are required in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Nantou, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Taitung, Hualien, Yilan, Keelung, etc.Discretionary charges for carriage and horses.

Airspace application, lifting of restrictions, camera movement,Aerial shooting teaching,Project shooting, Activity Log

One-page website, image website, personal website, e-commerce website, SEO keyword optimization

Light exposure + click scheme, medium exposure + click scheme, heavy exposure + click scheme

logo, business card, flyer, fold, catalog, carton design, bag design, digital banner


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