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Before booking our company's services, please read our terms of service carefully, if you have any questions, please contact us for consultation:

In the following terms and conditions, "Party B" meansZhenhe Co., Ltd.; "Photographer" refers to the photographer of Zhenhe Co., Ltd.; "Customer" refers to the customer filled in the quotation. Both parties agree that the following agreement clauses constitute an integral part of this contract, and the customer shall not change them in any way, unless Party B expressly agrees to these conditions in writing

Booking terms

1. Deposit

When booking the service, it is necessary to sign the quotation and pay the 50% deposit for the service content. The order will not be established until Party B receives the payment from the customer.

2. Balance payment

Before booking the service, the customer should understand the service content of the reservation and the payment amount for the service content from the content of the quotation. The balance is the full amount of the service content minus the remaining amount of the deposit. In principle, the payment should be settled on the day of shooting. The payment method can be Pay by cash and transfer.

3. Taxes

All quotations of Party B do not include 5% business tax, and customers need to pay an additional 5% of the total amount of service content as tax.

Cancellation and Refund

1. Force Majeure

1.1. In rare circumstances beyond the control of Party B, in the event of a complete photographic failure, injury or illness, Party B's liability will be limited to the amount paid for the service. The statutory rights of the customer are not affected.

2. Cancellation

2.1. When Party B has to unilaterally cancel the appointment due to reasons beyond its control (sickness, injury, or even death, etc.), Party B is responsible for refunding all the paid payments for the service to the customer.

2.2. When the customer needs to cancel the shooting due to various reasons, and cancel the shooting 30 days before the scheduled shooting date, Party B will unconditionally refund the deposit to the customer. When the customer cancels the reservation more than 15 days within 30 days before the shooting, they can receive a refund of the shooting fee of 50% in the deposit. When the customer cancels the reservation more than 3 days within 7 days before the shooting, they can receive a 20% refund of the shooting fee in the deposit. When the customer cancels the appointment within 3 days, there is no refund.

3. Reschedule

3.1. When canceling the appointment, both parties can negotiate to reschedule, that is, arrange a new appointment under the condition of Party B's time arrangement. All fees will be moved to the new appointment time, and cancellation terms will be calculated based on the original appointment time. If the negotiation between the two parties fails to reschedule, the refund will be arranged according to Article 2 of the cancellation clause.

4. Rescheduled due to bad weather

4.1. The photographer has the right to decide to change the shooting plan according to the natural conditions such as the weather at the time of the day. The shooting plan here refers to the shooting location. However, if the client insists on refusing to change the shooting plan and cancel the shooting, full payment will be charged.

Professional license

1. Display

1.1. The client automatically allows the photographer to display the works of this shooting, and allows these works to be used in the promotion of advertisements, brochures, magazine articles, websites, and sample photo albums, etc.

2. Licensing, Scope of Services and Retouching

2.1. Photos taken during the service/event will be at the photographer's discretion, but every effort will be made to meet the client's requirements.

2.2. The photographer chooses the shooting posture and location for the guidance of artistic cultivation, and the client should follow the photographer's instructions and take the photographer's vision as the standard.

2.3. When shooting, the photographer should try to shoot everyone at the time required by the client, but the photographer should not be responsible for anyone leaving.

2.4. The photographer shall not be held liable in the event of official restrictions on the filming activities in certain locations that prevent the successful completion of the filming program.

2.5. The photographer shall not be held responsible when the shooting activities cannot be successfully completed due to the client's personal reasons.

2.6. Some photos may have chromatic aberrations due to various uncontrolled lighting conditions and sensor equipment.

2.7. While the Photographer will inspect the equipment from time to time and take reasonable steps to ensure that spare equipment is available, the Photographer shall not be liable for losses incurred in the event that a photograph cannot be produced due to technical failure.

3. Delivery of works

3.1. Party B will send the photos to the customer in the form of sharing a cloud drive, and the customer needs to download and transfer these files within 2 weeks. If the document disappears after more than 2 weeks, Party B will not be responsible.

3.2 The client can give feedback within 7 working days after the delivery of the work. No feedback will be considered satisfactory to the work, and the two parties will no longer discuss the work

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 During the validity period of this contract, any oral or written plans, contracts, products, marketing strategies, reports, photos, videos, websites and other service contents provided by Party B are the intellectual property of Party B, and information shall not be provided without the written consent of Party B. or leaked to a third party, and shall not authorize the third party to use, otherwise, Party B shall compensate for all damages. These Terms will survive the rescission or termination of this Agreement.

5. Confidentiality Agreement

5.1 Without the consent of the other party, the two parties shall not disclose the content of this contract in any way and obtain any relevant information of the two parties to a third party due to this contract, otherwise they shall compensate the other party for all damages. These Terms will survive the rescission or termination of this Agreement.

6. Transfer Prohibition

6.1 The parties shall not assign this contract or the rights and obligations arising from this contract, in whole or in part, to a third party.

7. Court of jurisdiction

7.1 Both parties agree that in the event of any dispute concerning matters related to this clause, TaiwanHsinchu District CourtCourt of first instance.

Zhenhe Co., Ltd.Reserves the right to revise or modify its terms of service at any time, and Zhenhe Co., Ltd. also reserves the final decision on the interpretation of its terms and conditions


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