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Frequently asked questions about aerial photography, 3D modeling, SEO, website production, and graphic design

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Shooting Service

We think it is best for clients to notify us 30 days before shooting; but usually there is not that much time, if there is any need for assistance, pleasecontact us

For most projects, we will upload to Google Drive within 24 hours of filming. If additional post-processing work is required, including graphics, movie editing, or post-production, delivery time can take several days. The files will be re-uploaded later and you can download all of them within two weeks

You usually don't need to be on site; but in order to confirm the picture and the effect for the first time, we recommend that it is better to go to the site

It depends on the picture you want and personal preference. Many marketers prefer partly cloudy weather because there is plenty of sun and clouds in the sky just enough to show texture in the photo

Yes, but we need space. We have flown in warehouses, studios
But construction and materials can also affect how a drone flies.
The 95% has no problem flying indoors, but safety is our top priority. A brief test flight is required to determine if it is feasible

For videos, we have youtube for this linkOr search for Zhenhe Skyshot
Works in virtual reality and photography can beclick this linkto watch

Frequently Asked Questions about Drone 3D Modeling

The so-called UAV 3D modeling is to use the data taken by UAV to create a 3D three-dimensional model, which can produce high-efficiency, time-saving, labor-saving and accurate data

Depending on the size of the shooting area, the height difference and the complexity of the ground buildings, the flight altitude and the ground resolution will all affect the shooting time. Roughly estimate about 10-15 minutes per hectare, or provide photos to estimate shooting time, modeling time and cost more quickly.
Relatively speaking, the larger the land area, the more the number of ground control points will be deployed, which will take more time.
Filming in the no-fly area of the airport will be restricted by the control tower and will take more time.

Through RTK and GNSS, centimeter-level accuracy can be provided. If there is a finer demand, we can also provide LiDAR lens shooting

Website SEO FAQ

Website construction is only the first step. New websites appear every day. How to ensure that your potential customers can see it among so many websites?
The full name of SEO is "search engine ranking optimization". It mainly refers to the search results page (SERP) presented according to the matching degree of the keyword after the viewer searches for the keyword through the analysis of the search spider. The ranking order will be from the most Relevant to least relevant.

SEO ranking marketing is a low-cost and high-return marketing option that can make your website stand out in the search results. Through 24-hour uninterrupted exposure, it can save advertising budget in the long run and get customers first; some searchers will think that natural search The results are more trustworthy. The click traffic brought by long-term effective keyword optimization ranking is very considerable, which can make the company's performance grow and enhance the reputation and trust of the company's brand.

  1. Monitoring ranking: In addition to monitoring the ranking of the target website, also observe the ranking changes of competitors.
    And in response to changes in rankings, make corresponding actions, such as adjusting website content.
  2. Continuous optimization: Whether it is on-site or off-site, continuous optimization and dynamic adjustment of strategies are necessary.
  3. Conversion Tracking: For visitors who search for the website, track the user's subsequent behavior on the website.

In 2022, if a professional SEO company does not write SEO articles, it will only adjust the website structure. There is no way to help your website achieve SEO results. It is not a good SEO company. The era of adjusting the structure and wanting to rank keywords has long passed, so when evaluating SEO costs, you must include writing articles in the SEO quotation.

Most SEO companies do not have enough technical personnel, so they need to outsource, such as web design companies, advertising marketing companies... Choosing an SEO company is choosing a company with "correct SEO concept" and "high SEO execution ability". I want to find a "marketing partner who grows together", who can help solve the fundamental website problems and bring commercial value to the SEO company that is the best choice.

Frequently asked questions about website production

Responsive Web Design (Responsive Web Design), also known as adaptive, adaptive or responsive web design, allows mobile phones, tablets, and computer websites to use the same graphic content and database. On screens of different sizes or resolutions, web pages can According to the user's device, automatically display the webpage content that fits the layout size.
To put it simply, the webpage will automatically change the width and configuration of the webpage according to the resolution of the browsing device, so that the viewer can present it in the most suitable format for reading.

In hosting services, in addition to virtual hosting space leasing and regular website backups, engineers will also assist in handling problems with the program as quickly as possible.

SEO can be divided into website structure, content management, and links
Basic SEO is included in the website design fee
In the background management system, it can not only be set for the entire website, but also be set according to the different needs of each unit to operate SEO
However, SEO operation is a very professional knowledge. If you want to meet specific needs or target specific keywords, we will provide you with an additional quotation.

Most of the website production companies only have designers, most of the SEO personnel or marketing personnel are outsourcers, and even engineers MIS are outsourced, so the best situation to choose a website production company is to find a An integrated web page production company, Zhenhe itself has engineers MIS and graphic design talents, as well as personnel who are familiar with SEO and marketing. It can help you get more business sources from the basic structure of the website and future development and marketing.

Graphic Design FAQs

All quotations include 2 revisions. If there are too many revisions or urgent shipments, additional fees will be charged.

If the design proposal is not adopted, a 50% design fee will be charged

50% must be paid as a deposit payment when signing back the quotation; after the case is completed, a cloud link for the finished manuscript is provided, and the remaining balance payment is paid after confirming that the file content is correct.

You can provide us with relevant cases, photos, videos or other forms for reference, or upload your draft drawings to us, so that designers can better understand your concept

In response to different design needs, we provide exclusive customized graphic design solutions. You can contact us through the contact information at the bottom, and someone will serve you immediately

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