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Air Shot FAQ

We think it is best for clients to notify us 30 days before shooting; but usually there is not that much time, if there is any need for assistance, pleasecontact us

For most projects, we will upload to Google Drive within 24 hours of filming. If additional post-processing work is required, including graphics, movie editing, or post-production, delivery time can take several days. The files will be re-uploaded later and you can download all of them within two weeks

You usually don't need to be on site; but in order to confirm the picture and the effect for the first time, we recommend that it is better to go to the site

It depends on the picture you want and personal preference. Many marketers prefer partly cloudy weather because there is plenty of sun and clouds in the sky just enough to show texture in the photo

Yes, but we need space. We have flown in warehouses, studios

The drone is powered by an electric motor battery, so there is no need to worry about polluting the environment. The dynamics of flying indoors are different. The structure and materials in buildings can also affect how drones fly.

The 95% has no problem flying indoors, but safety is our top priority. A brief test flight is required to determine if it is feasible